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Research publications and technical reports

Research Publications

Gut microbiome, diet, and conservation of endangered langurs in Sri Lanka

Katherine R. Amato | Sahana Kuthyar | Marcy Ekanayake-Weber | Roberta Salmi | Noah Snyder-Mackler | Lasanthi Wijayathunga | Rajnish Vandercone | Amy Lu

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Mixed‑species associations and attempted mating suggest hybridization between purple‑faced and tufted gray langurs of Sri Lanka

Amy Lu | Don Geethal Ramyanath Sirimanna | Lasanthi Wijayathunga |Rajnish Vandercone | Roberta Salmi

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Random Walk Analysis of Ranging Patterns of Sympatric Langurs in a Complex Resource Landscape

Rajnish Vandercone | Kaushalya Premachandra | Gayan Pradeep Wijethunga | Chameera Dinadh |Kithsiri Ranawana , and Sonya Bahar

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Dietary Diversity and Food Selection in Hanuman Langurs (Semnopithecus entellus) and PurpleFaced Langurs (Trachypithecus vetulus) in the Kaludiyapokuna Forest Reserve in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka

Rajnish P. Vandercone | Chameera Dinadh | Gayan Wijethunga | Kitsiri Ranawana | David T. Rasmussen

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Monographs And Book Chapters

The Natural History of Primates

A Systematic Survey of Ecology and Behavior

Rajnish Vandercone | Camille Coudrat | Patricia Ormond

The Ecology and Social Structure of the Asian Colobines. In Sussman RW. Hart D, Calquhoun IC (Eds.) The Natural History of Primates: A Systematic Survey of Ecology and Behavior. (pp. 481-532). Rowman and Littlefield.

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Contributions To Policy Development

National Policy Directives for Management of Human – Wildlife Conflict (HWC) in Sri Lanka

The Department of Wildlife Conversation, Sri Lanka

Dr Jinie Dela (Team Leader) | Dr Rajnish Vandercone (Co-team Leader) | Dr UKGK Padmalal | Prof Chamalie Nahallage | Dr Saman Gamage

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